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Gateway for SMS Messaging

Saintek Solution provides a best services of SMS Gateway with cost effective. It has an overview about some of fields in SMS application, the advantages and its components of the product. Customers will also search a detailed installation guide with the necessary system things to run this SMS software properly, and the process of configuration with video tutorials. Furthermore people can also learn how to configure a GSM modem and you can get more information to help GSM modem in this services.

SMS Gateway

Here the mobile user base in location as a country wide and it exploding everyone wants to reach unique users. Present day you can send SMS as directly from your website. To send SMS you need to use a unique SMS gateway. Among its several components and its high compatibility and adaptability gives a wide range of fields which it can operate easily.


We gives an offers for solutions like IT developers and corporate business to increase their work flow and sales. To send any of SMS from their monitoring interface as directly to a mobile user it has great potential in making of IT and business sales in a more innovative way. It is a notification tool the competent person can be announce immediately whenever it is required. The problems can be foregone and preventing disastrous events its time and money can be saved. It gives a services of complete supervision over an IT and business level environment even when the responsible cannot be present. With more safety and efficiency IT and business productivity can be increased.

Apply SMS solutions in your business

Getting your business be good branding and generating a unique sales with applying of SMS solutions were offered by Saintek Solutions. Our solutions allow you to operate as faster and grow your businesses well in an efficient way of reasonable cost. This SMS technology can be provided by many of advanced gateway SMS Applications and not only makes it possible to communicate with your employees, customers or business partners but it also enables your IT and business level system to send you SMS alerts to prevent critical system failures. These shows how your organization can reduce costs and improve your business as efficiency.

SMS technology

Time and Price are efficient



Ensures availability

Easy to track

Can be used for targeted users

Can be automated

Makes high response rates possible

Success is guaranteed by SMS messages:

95% : of SMS messages are viewed

65% : of SMS messages are remembered

25% : of value added SMS messages are forwarded